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Gratis verzending vanaf €50,-

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Transportation is also a common issue. Most of the times regional organisations are driving animal ambulances that are way too expensive to maintain. Also, the cost of reparation is often too high due to their already expired lifespan. DierenLot helps in this situation by providing new ambulances on a lease-lend base. 



Supported Projects

Animal ambulances

DierenLot has three different kinds of ambulances, all furnished with basic instruments to give neglected animals the help they need. Currently there are 140 DierenLot ambulances driving around in the Netherlands.


DierenLot emergency fund

In a situation where direct support is needed for animals, local organisations can apply for an emergency fund. A request like this is treated with precedence. It takes 3 working days to know if the local organisation is eligible to receive direct emergency support. Every request for support at DierenLot needs to be substantiated and animal focused.


In which situation can an organisation apply for the emergency fund?

The emergency fund is designed for unforeseen situations like:

  • Fire

  • Storm damage

  • Oil spill

  • Extreme cold or heat

  • A traffic accident with an animal ambulance


In many scenarios Dierenlot can provide help within a quick timespan. The maximum amount that is given is €5000, -.


National gathering Animal support

DierenLot organizes twice a year the national gathering for animal support. This event is accessible for everybody who works in the animal care industry (volunteer or professional). This day is organized for partnered organisations and potential partners that want to learn more about the activities DierenLot participates in.


The importance of national and regional animal support organisations

Throughout the Netherlands support is given to neglected and left behind animals. The organisations that provide this support are often small and full off volunteers who keep the daily activities up-and-running. DierenLot helps and cares for these organisations and therefore asks to not leave them behind.

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